About Your Host, Rene Lafleur

Rene Lafleur was born in Edmonton and now resides in Vancouver. Blessed with an infectious and lively personality, Rene has enjoyed a passion for entertaining all his life. He has found the perfect match for this passion in the exciting and creative world of food and cooking.

Although not a formally trained Chef, Rene developed his skill in the kitchen through many years of work in the restaurant industry. From 1995 through 2007, he was Food and Beverage Manager of Vancouver’s hip Subeez Café. Working closely with Subeez’s chefs, and calling upon his creativity and sense of adventure, he helped develop new and tantalizing menus and flavors for the restaurant.

Rene also built a consistent and loyal customer following for Subeez, and his was one of the faces that the restaurant’s regulars expected to see when they walked through the front door. Whatever the occasion, Rene demonstrated his commitment to being the ultimate host to his guests, making sure each and every one had the best experience possible at the restaurant.

In 1996 and 1997 Rene created and hosted “Love and All You Can Eat” -- an innovative series of dinner parties where single people would eat, drink and meet other singles in a relaxed and delicious environment. Each party would consist of a fantastic five course meal prepared by Rene, with drinks matched to each course. Word quickly spread about the dinners, and it wasn’t long before they filled up as soon as they were announced. Rene even met his future wife at a “Love and All You Can Eat” dinner – proof of the success of the concept!

In 2006 Rene created “Grills Gone Wild,” an energetic travel cooking show that features Rene’s adventures to BC’s most interesting locations, where he grills locally sourced ingredients off the front bumper of his Jeep. He is the writer, director, producer, editor and host of the show, which now numbers four episodes. The show is a fun, slightly cheeky and non-intimidating introduction to the joys of grilling, and it is Rene’s hope that his audience will be inspired to prepare wickedly wonderful food with no hassle.

Rene’s passion for food isn’t limited to the kitchen. In 2003, he designed and built the Bumper Buddy, a floatable and adjustable table that allows you to place a mini barbeque on the front bumper of a Jeep. This innovative tool is prominently featured in each episode of “Grills Gone Wild.”

Rene enjoys expressing his creativity in other ways as well. An accomplished drummer, he was a member of Vancouver’s power pop band Star Collector from 1996 to 2007 (4 full length studio CD’s; 3 European tours; 6 US tours; many live performances and interviews on local Vancouver television). He is also an aspiring children’s author; his first book, entitled “How Does A Boat Float?” was written in 2005.